Wall formwork

MIDI BOX wall formwork is the medium seized formwork of 150, 270 and 300 cm high and 30 up to 90 cm wide. MIDI BOX PLUS wall formwork belongs to the heavy formwork. The height of the board equals 270 and 300 cm. Boards are available in sizes from 90 up to 240 cm wide. Compatibility of both systems and diversity of boards gives optimal set-up of any boarding.
The high quality of both materials and high quality of work guarantee durability and long-lasting of elements. The board’s frame is made of high grade steel closed profiles. Due to hot-dip zinc coating the frames are corrosion resistant. Sheathing is made of multiply, water resistant plywood coated with resin covers on both sides. This guarantees the high quality of concrete surface and long-lasting life of the sheathing. Smoothness of surfaces after boarding removal does not require plastering except for occasional thin plastering or surfacing with lute. Dense frames’ ribbing provides with carefully situated holes used for fast, easy and last – but not least – safe connection of different systems’ elements as well as additional elements i.e. working platform’s brackets or supports. The reliable elements connections are made with multifunctional (universal) BM boarding that has been designed by our engineers.
The BM boarding lock connects boards, clamps corners and posts. In case of bigger surfaces additional stiffening can be obtained by using boarding transoms and stiffening beams, both horizontally and vertically integrated with wall dimension compensating elements inserted (so called filling pads – made of wood or steel). Dimensional compensation – up to 15 cm. the said lock serves also as the stiffener and compensating element. In case of larger wall surfaces, the additional stiffening is achieved by using boarding interlocks and vertical and horizontal beams.
Integrated holders in frame’s ribbing provide firm and handy grip of elements and easy transport. In order to transport quickly whole sets of MIDI BOX and MIDI BOX PLUS formwork (with the surface up to 30 sqm) the transportation hooks and hoisting crane can be used without the necessity of disassembling.
The required wall’s thickness is received are to distance PVC pipe of proper length. The pipe serves simultaneously as the “strut” and the passage for threaded bowstrings. The nuts are put on the bowstrings and create the final form for concrete filling. The permissible concrete’s pressure thrust for MIDI BOX formwork equals 60 kN/sqm for the elements without the superstructures and 55 kN/sqm with superstructure. In case of MIDI BOX PLUS the heavy formwork the permissible concrete’s pressure equals 80 kN/sqm.

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